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Well As We All Know That UPS Is One Of The Best Parcel Service Company In The United States. Also, It Is Popular Because Of The Services United Parcel Service Is Providing For Their Employees. UPS Is Proving Lots Of Amazing Services For Employees And Other Family Members Of Employees. Not For the Permanent Employees But UPS Is Providing Benefits To Part-time Employees Too.

UPS Benefits

If You Don’t Know About UPS Permanent Employee Benefits Then No Need To Worry We Have Provided All Type Of Information On This Topic.

There Is A Service Called For UPSers Part-time Employees. Which Is Useful To Take Care Of Employees Which Is Working As Part-time Employee And Not Permanent. If A Person Works More Than 225 Hours For UPS In Three Months Then He IS Eligible For Temsterscare Services.

Now, We Will Talk About What Benefits UPS Provides For Part-time Employees. And Also, We Will Look At UPS Part-time Employee Benefits At TeamstersCare.

UPS Part-time Benefits

There Is A Sub Branch OF UPS Called TeasmtersCare Which Provides Service For UPS Paret-time Employees. There Are Some Rules And Conditions To Apply For UPS TeamstersCare Coverage Plan. So First, We Will Look At UPS Teamsters Eligibility Later We Will Look At UPS Part-time Benefits.

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UPS Part-time Benefits Eligibility

As A UPS Part-time Employee, The Same Eligibility Rules Apply To You As Full-time Employee, Except That You Have To Work 225 Hours, Rather Than 400 Hours, In A Three-month Eligibility Determination Period.

In The Event You Do Work 400 Or More Hours In A Fixed Eligibility Determination Period, You Will Receive The Same Benefits As Full-time Employees During The Corresponding Three-month Coverage Period.

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Benefits You Will Get As UPS Part-time Employee

If You Have Worked More Than 255 Hours In Last 3 Months Then You’re Eligible For The UPS Benefits Given Below And This All Benefits Are Provided By UPS TeamstersCare Plan:

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Medical Care And Hospitalization
  • Behavioral Health
  • Pharmacy And Prescription Drugs
  • Dental Care
  • Vision Care
  • Hearing Care

As A Part-time Employee You’re Not Eligible For The Plans Given Below:

  • Life Insurance
  • Weekly Disability
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance


Q. UPS Driver Benefits

A. UPS Driver Benefits Are Same As Other UPS Employee Benefits. UPS Driver Is Also Eligible For All Type Of UPS Employee Benefits.

Q. UPS Part-time Benefits How Long To Wait

A. You Have To Wait Around 3 Months After Joining To Apply For UPS Part-time Benefits TeasmstersCare Plan.

Q. UPS Part-time Benefits 401K Plan

A. You Can Read About UPS Part-time Benefits 401K At UPS 401K Plan Benefits.

Q. UPS Benefits Resource Center

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